- - The "Aero Hump" Pocket Cycling Jersey Attachment

The “Aero Hump” Pocket Cycling Jersey Attachment

Hmm, we’re not sure whether to heap calumny on the “Aero Hump’ cycling jersey attachment, or keep an open mind as to its aerodynamic possibilities. After all Frank Schleck made headlines when he tucked a hydration pack under his jersey during the 2011 Tour de France time trial in order to become more “aero”. 

The add-on is sold through eBay, which needless to say, isn’t considered the most dignified place to showcase a product.

In any case, the seller is touting the “Aero Hump” as a way for cyclists to “transform their jerseys into the fastest cycling jersey ever.”  Sound like sometime Ron Popeil might say ?

The hump itself is made from foam material, which weighs 20g and measures 200 x 300 x 140mm. According to the seller, the “Aero Hump” can be sewn into any existing cycling jersey, or customers can elect to send their jerseys in, and have it installed.

In addition to aerodynamic gains, the seller says the ‘Aero Hump” can also be used for added storage space, where things such as a rain cape or other items can be carried on a ride. 

We’ll leave it up to readers to decide on the merits of the “Aero Hump”, but if you want our opinion, with Halloween right around the corner, it’s the perfect accessory to complete one’s “Rockteer” custom.  😛 

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