- - The Detroit Bikes C-Type: "The American Single Speed"

The Detroit Bikes C-Type: “The American Single Speed”

While most companies have long-since outsourced to the Far-East to manufacturer their products, Detroit Bikes has continued to maintain a homogeneous stewardship over their bikes- right here in the USA.

Currently, Detroit Bikes has turned to Kickstarter, as a means to raise money to produce its latest model- the Type C single-speed.

Judging by the status of their campaign, it appears as though Detroit Bikes has not only met its goal on Kickstarter, but they’ve surpassed it. 

So, the step is for everyone to place their order for a new Type C. Dig! 

About this project

The C-Type

Inspired by the bikes of Copenhagen but with a distinctly Detroit flavor, we designed the C-Type to be the ultimate city bike.

It was important to us that this bike was simple to use, low maintenance, and fun. Unlike the cheap throwaway bikes that unfortunately flood the market, this is a throwback. A well made, highly functional bike that will get you riding. This is a bike you will enjoy using for the rest of your life.

The C-Type is a single speed bike with a flip flop hub that can be converted to fixed-gear. It features a classic road bike frame, drop handlebars and knobby tires for better traction. This is a utility bike- the bike you would use for errands, or going out for a night on the town. …a good way to stay healthy while saving money on parking or cabs.

Our bike frames are hand made in our Detroit factory out of top quality American chromoly steel. They are lightweight and strong- so much so that we give each one a lifetime warranty.

For 30 days, on Kickstarter only, we will be selling limited edition, numbered collectors editions in five unique colors. We have a S/M frame size for riders 5’2″ – 5’10 and a L/XL frame size, for riders 5’10” – 6’6″. Colors options are hunter green, fluorescent yellow, flat black, royal blue and mint green.


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