- - The Yasujiro Svelte Pushes New Boundaries in Lightweight Steel

The Yasujiro Svelte Pushes New Boundaries in Lightweight Steel

While steel can be real, it can also be light according to the Yasujiro Svelte road bike, which with the right components can tip the scales at a very impressive 11.9 pounds.

An adeptus in bicycles will quickly recognize the name Yasujiro as being the first name of the man who created the revered steel brand, Tange, from his namesake back in 1920. 

Over the last century, Tange has been the steel of choice for artisan framebuilders across all categories including road, MTB and BMX. 

In recent years, Tange has been offering premium bikes under the Yasujiro label, the most exclusive model being the Svelte, which not only extolls the virtues of a classic steel bike, but also pushes the boundaries of the material as well.   

To achieve this lightweight exercise in metallurgy, Yasujiro relies on Tange’s double-butted Ultimate tubing, which features thickness as slight as  0.35mm at their thinnest points, thus the name Svelte.

However, in order to achieve such lightweight, Yasujiro also relied upon ultra lightweight components from boutique brands like Cane Cree and  Be King for their brakes, carbon fork, carbon wheels and cockpit bits and pieces, along with SRAM’s notoriously light RED eTap groupset. 

Interestingly, despite its exquisite craftsmanship and exclusivity, the Yasujiro Svelte frameset carries a surprisingly reasonable price of $1,600, which can only be purchased from select dealers world-wide. 

You can learn more about the Yasujiro Svelte and the available build options by visiting their website here.



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