- - URSUS Cycling Unveils New Carbon Magnus H.01 Integrated Handlebar

URSUS Cycling Unveils New Carbon Magnus H.01 Integrated Handlebar


Far from the maddening crowd of mainstream cycling products, small companies like URSUS Cycling are producing some remarkable components.

Such is the case with the Italian brand’s new Magnus H.01 integrated carbon handlebar and stem.


Known mostly for their high end carbon wheels, URSUS unveiled its new Magnus H.01 integrated handlebar during this year’s recent Eurobike show.

Comprised entirely of carbon fiber, the new system was designed with both lightweight and aerodynamics in mind.

Indeed, tipping the scales at a mere 330g, and taking full advantage of the UCI’s allowable 3:1 ratio (the ratio between the length and width of any bike component’s tubes or sections cannot exceed 3:1.), the leading edge of the new Magnus H.01 features a tapered foil shape, along with internal cable routing to further reduce drag.

In addition, URSUS designed the Magnus H.01 in such way, that with each size, the steering angle decreases as the size of the bar widens, thus ensuring the same aerodynamic balance across all six sizes.

Additionally, the Magnus H.01’s hardware isn’t bonded into the carbon fiber, which not only simplifies its construction, but also provides for easy replacement in the case of either an accident or a stripped bolt.

Provisions for a computer mount were also nicely worked into the design of the Magnus H.01’s underside, which can accommodate virtually any type of device. 


Lastly, if you’re one of those cyclists who feels that styling is all in the details, the Magnus H.01 is available in both a matte or gloss finish, along with either white or grey accents.




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