- - Urtopia Touts World’s First eBike with ChatGPT Integration

Urtopia Touts World’s First eBike with ChatGPT Integration

Urtopia’s presence at EUROBIKE 2023 caused quite a stir when the German brand debuted its latest eBike that employs ChatGPT, marking the first such integration of artificial intelligence (AI) with a pedelec. 

Above and beyond built-in GPS navigation and anti-theft capabilities, the addition of ChatGPT and Urtopia’s voice recognition function demonstrated the ability to deliver real-time assistance based on the rider’s needs.  

Urtopia embraces an open ecology, making every ride fun and green

Urtopia’s ebikes are currently connected with popular platforms like Apple Health and Strava. Through the integration of iWatch health data, riders can effectively monitor their heart rate fluctuations and other health metrics, while riders can easily share their cycling tracks and carbon credit score via the Strava app. 

Cooperation with Apple’s mastermind designer — Hartmut Esslinger

Also at EUROBIKE 2023, Urtopia flaunted its partnership with renowned industrial designer Hartmut Esslinger. As the founder of Frog Design and the mastermind behind Apple’s iconic Snow White design concept, together they co-designed Urtopia’s Fusion eBike. Weighing under 20kg thanks to its full-carbon frame, the bike is equipped with Urtopia’s current smart system, which Esslinger dub’s “the iPhone of eBikes”.

Regarding ChatGPT, there’s currently no indication if or when the technology will be added to Urtopia’s ebikes. However, given the meteoric rise of AI, it probably won’t be long before we see it incorporated into an urban two-wheeler. 

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