- - Vasil Kiryienka's Bike Checked for "Motorized Doping" at the World Championships

Vasil Kiryienka’s Bike Checked for “Motorized Doping” at the World Championships

photo credits @ Team Sky/Twitter 

After winning Wednesday’s Individual Time Trial at the World Championships in Richmond, Virginia with unmatched conviction, race officials were prompted to check Vasil Kiryienka’s bike for mechanical doping.  

Indeed, after he finished his ride, officials from the UCI, took Kiryienka’s bike to a restricted area and conducted an inspection to check for a hidden motor in the frame of the Pinarello Bolide he was ridding. 

Fortunately for Kiryienka rider, no motor was found, and the Belarus rider was allowed to claim his gold medal.   

“Kiry”, as he is called by his Team Sky teammates, won the elite men’s individual time trial by riding 53.5 km in 1:02:29.45. His average speed was 51.368 km/h. (That’s 33.2 miles at 31.918 mph.)

photo credit @ Business Insider 


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