- - Volkswagen Teases with California Concept Camper

Volkswagen Teases with California Concept Camper

Volkswagen is teasing with a concept version of its Multivan platform called the California Concept, promising gravel cyclists and bikepackers alike a ticket to the great expanse. Dubbed the “California for tomorrow”, the vehicle is based on Volkswagen’s T7 Multivan, which will make its debut at this weekend’s Caravan Salon trade fair in Düsseldorf.

The California Concept features a pop-up roof, complete with a new kitchen concept that supports indoor and outdoor cooking, as well as toilet facilities too. To further define its California aesthetics, the new camper wears a sharp two-tone paint job with an ocean-deep blue down low and a near-glow-in-the-dark white above, punctuated by a 270-degree mesh window array that at night delivers a glowing warmth that offsets the bright-white chill just below, while the black roof color completes a tri-color look.

The California Concept is based on Volkswagen’s the long-wheelbase Multivan, stretching longer than the current California 6.1, creating extra room, along with dual sliding rear doors, a feature never before seen.

Additionally, unlike the previous Volkswagen and Westfalia campers, the California Concept does away with a central kitchen that’s cozied up against a solid wall behind the driver’s seat, allowing the German carmaker to move the kitchen area further back in order to provide better ingress and egress through the sliding door, while a slide-out countertop makes for a great space for meal prep.

The kitchen area is also equipped with a dual-burner induction cooktop, sink, refrigerator and drawers, all of which can be accessed from indoors or out. There’s even a slimline grill that stows neatly away under the kitchen drawers.

Elsewhere, the California Concept features two beds, one that’s configured as individual rail-mounted captain’s chairs that rear fold flat to create the lower bed, while the upstairs double bed is treated to a spring mattress platform. Also, the power pop-up roof is activated via a multifunctional touchscreen command tablet on the C-pillar cupboard, which also controls other amenities such as interior light switching, refrigerator temperature control, climate control and water and battery monitoring, as well as an app that can program these functions remotely.

What’s more, the tablet can also double as an entertainment screen, affixed to a swivel arm for viewing TV, movies and other content from the comfort of the seats or downstairs bed.

Lastly, the California Concept includes swivel front seats and a dining table that affixes to the kitchen block. Moreover, the the rear captain’s chairs are removable, allowing the van to haul large gear like bicycles and surfboards. Volkswagen also promises extra storage space around and under the seats, hinting that there will be plenty of room for a dry composting toilet.

Volkswagen says the California Concept will become a reality in 2024, offered with all available T7 Multivan powertrains including a plug-in eHybrid drive, which as of now, offers up to 31 miles (50 km) of all-electric range, fully backed by the company’s 1.4-liter ICE engine.

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