- - Wahoo Adds GoPro Control, Smart Light Control, Music Control and Training Plans Integration to ELEMNT Computer

Wahoo Adds GoPro Control, Smart Light Control, Music Control and Training Plans Integration to ELEMNT Computer

Wahoo Fitness has unveiled a series of innovative software updates for ELEMNT bike computers. These updates, including GoPro Control, Smart Light Control, Music Control and Training Plans integration which are now available on the latest ROAM  and BOLT devices, continue Wahoo’s drive to continually improve functionality and deliver added value to Wahoo customers through regular software updates.  These updates are driven by customer feedback and requirements – they represent another significant leap forward in enhancing the cycling experience for Wahooligans.

In a first-of-its-kind update, Wahoo introduces GoPro Control to the ELEMNT range, empowering users to manage their GoPro action cameras without ever leaving their handlebars. With the ability to start/stop recording, capture photos, and adjust camera modes directly from the ELEMNT, cyclists can capture every epic moment of their ride effortlessly. (Live date: TBC)

The latest Smart Light Control turns ELEMNT computers into a centralized hub for bike lighting management. Cyclists can now pair their device with ANT+ compatible smart lights, including Bontrager and Garmin, enabling control functions such as toggling lights on/off and adjusting modes directly from their ELEMNT. With automatic light activation at the start of a ride and deactivation at the end, riders can safely stay focused on the road ahead. (Launched).

Addressing the evolving needs of modern cyclists, Wahoo introduces Music Control to the ELEMNT series, providing playback control directly from the bike computer. With a dedicated music control page offering options like play/pause, skip, and volume adjustment, riders can enjoy their favorite tunes, podcasts, or audiobooks without the distraction of handling their phone. (Launched)

Wahoo’s new Training Plans integration, allows third-party training platforms to send planned workouts directly to ELEMNT bike computers – giving even more choice to Wahooligans. With this new API functionality, users can optimize their training regimens and elevate their outdoor training experience using workouts from even more providers.  New platforms who have chosen to integrate with our API include  Humango, FinalSurge, Nolio and Join, adding to the established integrations with Wahoo SYSTM and TrainingPeaks. Many more will follow in the coming months – due to high demand for the feature from users and app creators/ owners. (Launched)

Wahoo also introduces Dark Mode to ELEMNT computers for improved visibility in various lighting conditions. These software updates underscore Wahoo’s unwavering commitment to innovation and user-centric design, delivering unparalleled control over the cycling experience and offering continual added value to users. Whether it’s managing lights, capturing unforgettable moments with GoPro, or enjoying music on the road, ELEMNT users can now do it all from the convenience of their handlebars. (Launched)

Chip Hawkins, Founder of Wahoo Fitness, commented: “At Wahoo we are committed to continually improving rider’s experience with their Wahoo devices. Through regular software updates – we are able to listen to our community, then  implement many of the upgrades that they request to improve their rides and performance.”

Timeline of ELEMNT Bike Computer updates:

31 October, 2023

  • Ready to Ride – a new menu screen on ELEMNT bike computers that provides users with fast, intuitive access to all of the frequently needed pre-ride functions including the sensor menu, route loading and battery status. 

27 June, 2023

2 May, 2023

1 February, 2023

16 November, 2022

31 October, 2022

4 October, 2022

27 June, 2022

  • Chart enhancements with dynamic scaling for elevation and planned workouts

  • Varia radar configurable for both left/right display placement

3 May, 2022

29 March, 2022

o   Added: New full-color grade field

o   Added: Grade color to the elevation chart

o   Added: Elevation remaining on route cue sheet

25 January, 2022

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