- - Wahoo Adds Steering Feature to RGT Virtual Cycling Platform

Wahoo Adds Steering Feature to RGT Virtual Cycling Platform

Wahoo Fitness has added Wahoo X to its RGT virtual cycling platform, a new steering mechanism that functions via the brand’s handlebar-mounted thumb paddles, Kickr bike buttons, app screen or keyboard arrows.

According to the Wahoo, “our Wahoo X brings the outdoor experience indoors and will give users a realistic, immersive and engaging ride experience – adding more fun to every ride, race and workout.”

As mentioned, there are three ways to control steering on the RGT virtual cycling platform:

  • KICKR BIKE users can utilise the integrated thumb buttons on their bars to control their positioning.
  • The new KICKR STEER accessory – powered by a mobile device and the RGT Remote app. The accessory allows riders to steer their virtual bike, via accessible thumb paddles. KICKR STEER can be mounted to standard bars and comes with a dual purpose premium mount – that can also be used for the user’s bike computer.
  • Through the RGT Mobile Remote App or on the RGT Game App by using on screen arrows or by using the computer keyboard – both will steer the rider left or right along RGT’s roads.

Previously, a user’s position on the road within RGT was automated, with riders using their power to move around other cyclists. Now with RGT Steering, maneuvering around fellow riders becomes part of the experience

“Adding a new level of strategy and engagement to virtual rides. Similar to real cycling outdoors, riders can find the sweet spot in the middle of the pack, push the pace at the front, cut a sweeping corner to gain position or pull around to mount an attack. When combined with Race Radio, riders can communicate and interact, to benefit from group dynamics. Wahoo continues to innovate with a focus on group and community features, making RGT the premier indoor cycling platform to interact with others and enjoy the realism of road riding and racing indoors,” Wahoo explains. 

Additionally, Wahoo has also added the new ‘KICKR Race Mode’, which harnesses the WiFi and Direct Connect capabilities of its indoor trainers to broadcast power claimed to be up to 10x faster than standard trainers (currently 1Hz), giving riders a competitive advantage at critical race stages.

Race Mode is available on the new KICKR Smart Trainers with built-in WiFi – with KICKR BIKE coming very soon.. It is also available on previous versions of the KICKR with the use of the KICKR Direct Connect Wi-Fi adapter.

Mike Saturnia, Wahoo CEO, said “Steering is an integral part of the real cycling experience so it’s only natural that this aspect of riding transfers to indoor cycling.

“Wahoo took a new, innovative approach to steering in RGT. The result is a truly unique and engaging experience that allows indoor cycling to better replicate the excitement and strategy of riding outdoors. Steering gives Wahoo X users a more immersive, engaging and enjoyable indoor cycling experience, which is our ultimate goal.”


  • Wahoo X: US$14.99 per month with 14-day trial period, including Wahoo RGT and Wahoo SYSTM
  • Wahoo X and KICKR STEER Bundle: $198.99  
  • Wahoo X subscribers: the STEER accessory will be made available at a preferential loyalty price, for a limited time
  • KICKR STEER is priced at £89.99





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