- - Wahoo Debuts New KICKR RUN Smart Treadwill

Wahoo Debuts New KICKR RUN Smart Treadwill

When it comes to running and cycling, the twain often go hand-in-hand for many fitness enthusiasts, especially for triathletes. To answer the call, Wahoo has launched a new smart treadmill called the KICKR RUN, which features a revolutionary new sensing system dubbed RunFree Mode that allows athletes to change pace without touching the controls.

“This exciting new product is the first of its kind, and will transform indoor running in the same way that the KICKR Smart Trainer did for cyclists when it launched over a decade ago. With KICKR RUN – for the first time, runners can experience a truly immersive indoor running experience with seamless, hands-free changes in pace that will let their feet command the speed, plus a full integration with Zwift Run, giving the ability to automatically feel changes in gradient – as they explore virtual worlds,” boasts Wahoo.

KICKR RUN will launch in the USA in the summer of 2024, with a Global rollout from 2025, while first making its debut at the Boston Run Show on January 27th and 28th 2024, with live demos running throughout the weekend.

Key Features: 

RunFree: The KICKR RUN delivers an unparalleled running experience that allows users to run true to their pace, form and goals. With RunFree Mode, a high-speed motor reacts in milliseconds to your position on the running surface, allowing natural and confident pace changes – without touching the controls. Designed to help you get faster, the KICKR RUN allows you to push beyond your boundaries and perform world-class workouts. With easy-to-use control paddles that give you complete control, without breaking your stride – even during the most challenging of sessions. With built in features such as the ‘time-of-flight’ sensor to keep users centered on the treadmill, nothing can distract from your workout.

Run Smart: The feel of running outdoors, at home. Everybody runs differently – with a stable, realistic running platform, KICKR RUN allows runners to focus on their training by releasing them from the traditional limitations of treadmills. A responsive surface for natural energy return, propels runners forward at their normal outdoor pace and innovative lateral tilting capability provides a dynamic running experience to simulate the road. With tilting functionality, users can also automatically level their KICKR RUN.

Run Connected: Designed for focused training, featuring smart treadmill functionality for structured workouts, with automatic speed and grade control from third-party applications, the KICKR RUN seamlessly connects to software platforms such as ZWIFT and Wahoo SYSTM for virtual training. With elite speed capabilities of up to 4:00/mile, runners can reach their full potential, no matter their level. The KICKR RUN is also fully integrated with the Wahoo ecosystem of heart rate monitors, smartwatches, and accessories designed for runners to maximize the quality and enjoyment of their indoor workouts.

With an integrated laptop/ tablet shelf and bole holders for easily accessible hydration, as you train, the KICKR RUN has taken care of every aspect of your training, providing all you need to meet your goals. Devices can be charged on the go via a USB-C port. WiFi connectivity ensures an easy and reliable set-up to your network and chosen software, while the direct connect port offers the most reliable hardwired connection. KICKR RUN is also exceptionally quiet to use.

 “I have been working behind the scenes with a very talented group of Wahooligans developing KICKR RUN for over 7 years – so I am delighted to see it come to market. As passionate runners – we wanted to create the most realistic experience and create a tool that helps people improve, become beer athletes and achieve their goals. The KICKR RUN will revolutionize indoor running, in the same way that the KICKR did for indoor cycling over a decade ago,” says Chip Hawkins, Founder of Wahoo Fitness.

The new KICKR RUN will sell for a hefty $5,000, with availability starting in late June. 






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