- - Wattbike Adds New App Feature to Analyze Your Pedaling Technique

Wattbike Adds New App Feature to Analyze Your Pedaling Technique

Wattbike has introduced a new feature to it app called the Pedaling Effectiveness Score, which gives users the ability to analyze their pedaling technique using real-time visual analysis. 

The new tool adds to Wattbike’s existing Polar View feature, which allows users to better analyze pedaling force as it relates to changes in their pedaling technique.

Wattbike’s Pedaling Effectiveness Score relies upon what the company calls its “index of force effectiveness” (IFE), which scores a user’s mechanical efficiency based on his or her pedaling technique by comparing “gross force” (the total force applied to the pedal) and “net force” (the component of force measured at the crank), which correlates into the amount of force generated in creating overall torque. 

According to Wattbike, the way this works, is the Pedaling Effectiveness Score is calculated using 100Hz force data, which by analyzing net force is able to estimate a user’s gross force, and display it with real-time graphics, to include a color-coded breakdown for each leg. 

“The metric is based on understanding the relationship between gross and net force during pedaling,” says Wattbike. “The Pedalling Effectiveness Score maps changes in pedalling efficiency to provide a highly informative and useful measure that helps drive performance. The result: you see a visual representation of how adjustments in your pedalling can change your cycling efficiency in real-time.”

“Through spending a lot of time researching and understanding pedalling effectiveness and pedalling efficiency, we were able to create the Pedalling Effectiveness Score which enables us to bring a very complex value into very meaningful day-to-day number for use in training,” says Wattbike’s Dr Barney Wainwright.

“Results include people who have changed their Functional Threshold Power by 10/20/30 watts, or riders who can now go up a series of hills that they weren’t able to before, because now they have a more effective stroke. Pedalling efficiency is a very important aspect of cycling performance, which is often overlooked, and the Pedalling Effectiveness Score maps that and tracks it.”

“To pedal optimally, a different focus is placed on each portion of the pedal stroke,” says Barney.

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Mastering pedaling technique makes you a more effective cyclist, helping you improve your performance.

Understanding the importance of pedaling technique

Pedalling technique is often overlooked, with topics like power readings taking the forefront in cafe conversation. But the truth is, mastering pedalling technique can bring about many benefits. Whether you want to improve your FTP score by 10, 20 or 30 watts, improve your ability to climb, or increase your speed whilst putting out the same effort, an optimum pedalling technique can help you get there.

How to analyze your pedaling technique

Our Polar View feature is used by countless cyclists, both amateur and elite, to visualise technique and improve performance. Now, with Pedalling Effectiveness Score, we’ve created a simple score and colour coded sliding scale to show you exactly how close you are to optimum technique.

Poor technique

The Polar View graph of poor technique clearly shows the loss of momentum during the transition between legs. This will be accompanied by a Pedalling Effectiveness Score between 0 – 60. In the Wattbike Hub, both the Polar View and Pedalling Effectiveness Score graphs are now colour coded, so you can easily see how you’re performing in real time. For a poor technique, expect to see your graph turn red.

Improved technique

The Polar View graph of average technique shows that some momentum is being carried across during the transition between legs. This will be accompanied by a Pedalling Effectiveness Score between 60 – 70. For an average technique, expect to see your graph turn amber.

Optimum technique

The Polar View graph of good technique is consistent and shows balance between each leg, maintaining momentum throughout. This will be accompanied by a Pedalling Effectiveness Score between 70-80, with 75 classed as the optimum score. For a good technique, expect to see your graph turn green.

The science behind perfect pedaling

The all-new Pedalling Effectiveness Score has been produced by Wattbike in partnership with Dr Barney Wainwright, following in depth research. To find out more about the science behind pedaling, including a breakdown of the different phases of the pedal stroke and tips on how to improve your score visit our page dedicated to Pedalling Effectiveness Score.




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