- - WTB Launches New TCS Rocket Plug Kit

WTB Launches New TCS Rocket Plug Kit

Developed in partnership with Bib Creative, WTB has launched its new TCS Rocket tire plug kit that features reusable “Rocket” anchors.

According to WTB, the anchors can be preloaded with tire plugs to ensure they’re ready for immediate use when experiencing a puncture with a tubeless set-up.

Available in two sizes, depending on the extent of the puncture, the Rocket anchors can use one to four plugs per repair. However, unlike traditional tire plugs that may rip out under high pressure or during cornering, the reusable Rocket anchors are designed to hold the plug in place, keeping the puncture sealed until the tire is replaced. Afterwards, the Rocket anchor(s) can be removed and reused.

Additionally, the “extra-hand” feature built into the storage cap is designed to keep the air in the tire while the rider prepares the anchor and plug repair. Moreover, the tubeless tire plug tool is CNC’d 6061 aluminum alloy, featuring an ergonomic design for comfortable use.

The TCS Rocket includes internal storage for four anchors (two large and two small, included) and 15 1.5mm diameter tire plugs, with press-fit storage caps, while the Rocket Launcher installation tip adjusts for different tire sizes and tread depths, accommodating road, gravel, and mountain bikes. In addition, based on tread depth and style, the Rocket Launcher facilitates insertion and length adjustment of plug-loaded anchors into the tire, so the right number of plugs can be chosen based on the conditions.

Elsewhere, the Extra Hand seals punctures temporarily, allowing riders time to assess and address the damage. It also serves as a reamer and aids in removing sticky anchors from the storage tubes.

WTB offers a refill kit with 15 replacement plugs and four anchors (two small, two large), compatible with most multi-tools for convenience. The small anchor holds up to two plugs and can be pushed into the tire using a 2mm hex, while the large anchor holds up to four plugs that’s compatible with either a 2mm or 3mm hex.

Both the complete TCS Rocket tire Plug Kit and Plug Pack are packaged in 100% recyclable, sustainably sourced paper, which sell for $44.95 and $17.95, respectively.  






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