- - Zwift Adds New Video Integration with Strava

Zwift Adds New Video Integration with Strava

Zwift has launched its first-ever video integration with Strava, allowing Zwifters to upload a 15-second video clip from their Zwift activities to their Strava account.

Zwift is the first Strava partner to take advantage of the video API since Strava launched video functionality for its community of over 100 million athletes globally in June 2022.

To capture a video, Zwifters simply click an icon on the action bar on their desktop interface, or on the Zwift Companion App, to record the previous 15 seconds. Zwifters can also capture multiple videos in a ride.

Videos will also automatically record when notable moments in the Zwift game occur such as winning a segment jersey or hitting a weekly fitness goal.

After ending their ride, Zwifters can then select which video to upload to Strava. All videos, whether uploaded to Strava or not, will also be downloaded to the Zwifter’s device and users can delete unwanted images.

This feature is currently available for both iOS and MacOS, with compatibility for TVOS, Android, and other devices, soon to follow.

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