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The BackBottle


One of the more interesting products that we’ve come across lately, is the BackBottle.

The difference between the BackBottle and other water bottles, as the photos may hint to, is that it’s designed to be carried in a cyclist’s jersey pocket, and not on the bike.   

The premise of the BackBottle is to simply give cyclists an additional bottle to carry on longer rides – whether it’s the want of more hydration, or the ability to carry more things. And, we all know what it’s like to run out of water, a spare tube, or CO2 cartridge on a ride. 😥   

The inventor of the BackBottle, Brian Davis, has turned to Kickstarter as means to get his product off the ground and into the hands (or pockets as it may be) of cyclists. 

Check out his campaign.  

Innovation through frustration…

I am, to put it simply, insanely passionate about cycling. I love all aspects of the sport and I especially love coming up with ways to make my ride just a little bit better.

In my years as a cyclist I have completed plenty of long rides and sometimes find two bottles to be insufficient. This was the main focus of the BackBottle.

I am not trying to replace my bottles and cages. I don’t want to bolt extra stuff to my bike and I will not wear a hydration pack. I needed a new strategy for extra hydration on long rides.

The BackBottle is a minimalist solution that even a maximalist could love. The BackBottle essentially combines a bottle AND a hydration pack. The BackBottle solved my problem of wanting additional, accessible water on longer rides.

As the design progressed, I realized that I was not alone in my thoughts. It turns out long routes are not the only rides where the BackBottle shines.

The BackBottle could have improved my ride while:

– racing cyclocross and being told “NO HAND UPS – AUTOMATIC DQ”
– riding shorter mountain bike rides and races
– trying and failing to get bottles or slowing down at support stations
– not wanting to use drink mix in hydration packs (N-A-S-T-Y!)
– avoiding asking your +1 “Will you sit on the road for a few hours and give me a bottle when I speed past?”

The BackBottle 

I designed it to do these things really well with no compromises.

– Fit comfortably in a back of a cycling jersey pocket
– Allow quick entry/exit and easy access while riding
– Stay in the pocket and not eject unexpectedly

The BackBottle technical specs:

– 18 ounces of capacity
– 3 ounces in weight when empty
– 8.5 inches long and 3 inches wide
– 53mm diameter opening (easy to add ice)
– wedged and ergonomic for easy one-hand operation
– manufactured from squeezable LDPE plastic
– made from recyclable components (packaging #3, bottle #4, cap #5)
– 100% BPA free
– 100% Made in the USA
– flat against the back to minimize roll
– raised ribs on the back are shaped to allow airflow
– top-shelf dishwasher safe

Benefits of the BackBottle

With the BackBottle you can GO ALL OUT!

– ride long-don’t plan your day route based on refills
– take a drink from your jersey pocket as quickly as a regular cage
  stay aero longer and avoid slowing down for refills in triathlons
– keep riding – don’t click-clack through gas stations with your bike outside waiting to be stolen, just keep hammering
– allows your eyes to stay on the road
– be your own support team (or support a teammate)
– reduce your waste by not buying refills on the road
– freeze the bottle and enjoy a cool drink while keeping your core cool

The ribs are convex to stay away from your spine and allow an air gap

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