- - 2013 International Bicycle Design Competition Part 1

2013 International Bicycle Design Competition Part 1

ERON is a system that combines the functions of a common bike disc brake and bicycle lighting. Magnets, fitted in the discs, produce electric energy in the induction coils, which are arranged beside the brake calipers. The front lights are integrated in the bodies of the brake handles. The taillight is attachable to the rear brake caliper. The „DUAL PLUG“ hose line allows control of the disc system with oil and to supply the front lights with electric energy. Problems with tangled electric wires will no longer occur. ERON is fixed on bikes like common disc brakes. Install ERON and get two important functions with one system!

Ubqo sixty60 is created to be a mountain bike frame that excels in a wide range of uses. From cross country to freeriding, while featuring a strong and unique visual appearance. Starting from the proven virtual pivot designs, «sixty60» eliminates their only real weak points. It replaces the two small linkages exposed to extremely high loads by two large excenters, able to resist the loads much better and creating a unique visual appearance which expresses strength and reliability. With its round-edged carbon profiles, ubqo sixty60 is a machine able to tackle any terrain, providing the rider with a big smile, ride after ride.

Bicycling in the dark can be extremely dangerous. The Glow Rider is a flash light, tail light and also a projection light. The Glow Rider is mounted on the rear fender; it acts as a high power tail light. With a flick of a switch, the Glow Rider will project a bright beam out light onto the rider’s back. This creates a larger light surface area hence making the rider more visible in the rain or dark.

BamGoo is a system of transportation of goods for developing countries, which have seen the Bicycle as the most important transport. It has been designed with a very simple structure made out of natural material which are easy to find in these countries and possible to build by hand using simple tools. It has twelve containers that have been positioned symmetrically in order to use them as a stall in markets around villages. Its two simple holders attached to the bike allow people to remove the structure from the bicycle and carry it around while walking. BamGoo is an easier method of transportation compared to most of the bikes created until now.

The idea of CARIBOO is to offer affordable cargo transport around the world. Recycled bicycle parts from Europe are combined with free locally available materials. The basic set is composed of some pre-manufactured stainless steel parts + the main frame made of bamboo completes the bicycle. The main frame (two equal frames) can be built anywhere in the world where bamboo grows. The bends can easily be handcrafted with fire. The design of the front part is adjusted to the scope of application. The frame is flexible and gives the bike a forward pushing dynamic look. CariBoo will be a helper wherever cheap transport and simplicity are required.

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