- - 2013 International Bicycle Design Competition Part 2

2013 International Bicycle Design Competition Part 2

Sawyer is a beachcruiser with a custom made beech plywood frame. It’s constructed out of wooden panels. The bike has special features like the chainline. A uniquely designed bike with an elegant look and a comfortable ride. As a side (art) project there is a scale 1:1 model kit. This building kit includes all the required parts for building a Sawyer bike. All of the parts can be cut or sawed out and assembled.

Frame 22 is an urban bike with bamboo elastic structure, completed with a bamboo-craft master.

The shock absorber and handle bar stems are made of flexible bamboo, which reduces the vibration and maintains the flexibility of the bicycle.

In order to enhance the power of back triangles, the bamboo structure extends from seat stay to chain stay.

Bicycles are always cruising around in cities and the road bike is the best choice among all the alternatives for riding on concrete roads.

Sometimes roads are cratered, and it is risky for bikers to dodge the holes; therefore, Frame 22 was created as an urban bike with light shock absorber, which offers a more comfortable riding experience to bikers.

With a simple appearance, the bike offers two different riding styles: one is fixed-gear and the other is single-speed for easier riding. To achieve this concept, the bike’s top tube and seat stays are replaced by thinner steel bars; there is a special rear hub that can turn into two modes, single speed freewheel or single cog; and the seat is also designed to be removed or assembled quickly for adjusting which way of riding the user likes.

The totally new design of the children’s bike seat offers lightness and safety. The seat is made of two parts. The protective frame is made of fiber-glass reinforced polypropylene. The cushion is a 3d-mesh and is soft and protective at the same time. It can be easily removed from the frame. In case of a sudden stop, the child is held back by a five point safety belt. The construction of the frame protects the child’s head in an ideal way. There is a sleeping position and the feet holders can be easily moved via the stageless adjustment. If the seat is not needed, the porter can be used as a luggage rack. The back lights can be adapted wherever you want.

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