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Somerset Folding Bicycle


As major cities and metropolitan areas proceed to give rise to urban cycling, commuter bikes continue to proliferate the market, both in terms of efficiency, as well as sophistication. 

A recent addition to that growing list, is the Somerset folding bicycle by design Kaiser Chang.

The Somerset features an oval-shaped tube frame that acts as a slide rail, adapting the front fork to slide down to transform it into a useful cart for quick transporting needs.

As a result, the Somerset lends itself to ease of portability, allowing cyclists integrate mass transit systems along with their commute. 

In addition, the Somerset’s folding bag can double as both a storage area to house an electric motor, or simply serve as a convenient place to stow articles. 

As with most commuter bikes, the goal is to provide a simple and efficient means of transportation, while also embracing the modern trend of lessening society’s reliance of fossil fuels and focussing on the bicycle as both a primary source of clean energy transportation, while also promoting health and wellness amongst the populace.

The Somerset appears to underscore both of those virtues.




Kaiser Chang 


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