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Litelok Flexible Bike Lock


After a successful crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter, Litelok finally has it’s lightweight, fully flexible bike lock in production. 

What distinguishes the Litelok from the myriad of other bike locks out there, its lightweight, flexible design allows it to be wrapped around virtually any product or bike, yet its able to withstand tampering from the likes of “cable cutters, bolt cutters and hacksaws”.

At the core of Litelok, is a newly created material called Boaflexicore, which is nearly impossible to cut with the aforementioned theiving tools. Furthermore, weighing less than 2.2 pounds, Litelok is a breeze for cyclists to take along with them.

But, perhaps the most unique part about the Litlelok, is that it doesn’t require a key to initially lock it. Rather, it uses a simple clasp lock, which only needs the key to unlock it. 


Litelok’s designer, Neil Barron, says he worked on the design for years, before raising $30,000 on Kickstater.

Litelok harnesses the unique security properties of multiple innovative lightweight materials to create a composite strap called Boaflexicore.” “Each layer provides additional security.”

Additionally, there’s an option called Twin Litelok, which enables cyclists to double-up on security. For example, one can lock each bike wheel, or have the ability to reach around larger objects. 

You can learn more about Litelok, by visiting their site at:


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