- - HMK 561 Concept eBike

HMK 561 Concept eBike


While most concept bikes, particularly eBikes, are a sordid affair, that seldom see their engineering beauty brought to life, the HMK 561 by German designer, Ralf Kittmann, still qualifies as one of the most exciting bike designs ever undertaken.

The HMK 561 is made of conductive carbon fiber, which is not only an excellent conductor of electricity, but also acts as a capacitor that can store energy. This energy is obtained by converting the mechanical energy into electrical energy in each mobile connection of mechanism. The resulting energy fed to the electric motor and lights.

This in turn, drives the wheels using a counter-turning axel in lieu of gears and chains.

The HMK 561 prototype was considered so revolutionary, that it earned Kittmann the a prestigious IF Design Award for his forward thinking.




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