- - It's not a Bike or an eBike, It's a SNOPED

It’s not a Bike or an eBike, It’s a SNOPED


Ok, so it’s not a bike or even an eBike. In fact, it’s not something that could even be remotely construed as being a bike, yet the SNOPED is a far-flung, retro contraption that’s just too cool not to put a pen to.

Created by Michigan designer, Joey Ruiter, the SNOPED defies any notion of convention by piecing together parts and components culled from the middens of the American Motor Capital, which in the end, translates into a bold mixture of power, gesture, form and presence just like many of our favorite concept bike designs do. 

Besides, one could always use it to get around cyclocross events. 

Yeah, that’s the ticket!


J Ruiter



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