- - "Forever Lock": The Un-pickable Bicycle Lock

"Forever Lock": The Un-pickable Bicycle Lock

An inventor has come up with a product which he describes as being an "unpickable bike lock", as a result of a clever mechanism that prevents a would be thief from fully accessing to the lock. 

The key is inserted into a blank barrel, which with a few twists and turns of the outer housing frees the shackle. 

The process of locking/unlocking the device appears to be a cumbersome one, that’s best explained by watching the video. 

The price of the lock is around $140.

From the Designer

These Locks will be sold on a first come, first served basis. 

I have been authorized to distribute only small number of these locks when they are made available. After that I may have more opportunities to release additional units based on demand. However, the first batch will not be available from the manufacturing plant for about another 1-2 months as production of this lock is not fully optimized.

The price should be in the ballpark of $140 + shipping to your location, but I can only sell them "AS IS" and can not provide any advanced support (key replacement, product returns, etc) at this time since I only have a small business operation. Also, as you can tell, all markings on the lock and packaging will be in Chinese, as these were made for the Asian market. 

If you are still interested in possibly purchasing one of these Locks when they are available you can send me a private message by clicking on my name, then clicking on "about", and then choose "Send Message".

*I am taking all names and making a request list. I will message all people on the list if and when these become available. Thank you for your patience! (Serious requests only please)

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