- - 3T Launches New Exploro Ultra Gravel Bike

3T Launches New Exploro Ultra Gravel Bike

3T has launched the newest edition to its ever-expanding Exploro range of bikes dubbed the Ultra, treating gravel grinders, bikepackers and all-road enthusiasts alike to improved aerodynamics and greater clearance that can now accommodate tires up to a whopping 61mm. Owners can even opt for 650b wheels and tires.

“If you’re like us, you love riding in rough terrain but live in a more urban jungle. So you need a bike that is fast on-road and capable off-road.The Ultra is our most extreme bike, starting out the design process with 55-61mm wide tires. We then designed the whole aero package around those to keep the on-road speed high. If you ride on less extreme terrain, you can also fit 700c tires up to 45mm WAM (With As Measured) on the Ultra,” explains 3T. 

The most obvious change in the Ultra’s aerodynamic signature comes by way of a massive new downtube, while the seattube has been streamlined along the rear wheel cutout along with a standard 27.2 seatpost, with the goal of improving compliance over rough terrain.

“The Ultra was our most difficult aerodynamic challenge to date. Start with massive 55-61mm tires and then make the bike aero. There’s nothing we can do about the tires, they’re big and the knobs don’t help. What we can do is take the airflow mess that comes off the front wheel and try to catch and redirect it. That’s why you will see the 60mm wide downtube placed closely behind the front wheel, going even wider as it gets closer to the BB. Blending this into the headtube with an off-center aero profile along with loads of other tricks gives you a bike that feels so much faster than your brain can compute. Because let’s be honest, when you see those tires, your brain gets ready for that slow, boring paved performance of a mountain bike. But thanks to your riding position, the aerodynamics, the BB stiffness and the narrow Q-factor, the Ultra actually feels 100% like a road bike when you want to go fast. Even when muddy,” says 3T.

The new Exploro Ultra is available in a number of builds, including a Campagnolo Ekar groupset for $5,699.00, as well as a SRAM Eagle electronic set-up for $6,199.00.

There’s even a Crank Brothers special edition model that comes spec’d with a dropper seatpost and other premium components for $8,199.00.




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