- - 3T Launches New Strada Pro 1X Aero Road Bike

3T Launches New Strada Pro 1X Aero Road Bike

After just six months from the launch of its Strada Team road bike, 3T unveiled the latest iteration of their 1X aero road bike platform today called the Strada Pro.

The Strada Pro extols all of the aerodynamic virtues and versatility as the Strada Team, albeit with a different carbon lay-up which resulted in a slightly heavier frame weight (130g). However, this has also served to bring the price down as well.

According to 3T, the Strada Pro equipped with a SRAM Force 1X groupset, 3T Discus C35 PRO wheels, San Marco Aspide saddle and 3T Aeronova aerodynamic dropbar can now be had for $4990.00.

The development of a more affordable version of the Strada as a complete bike was always part of the plan, says 3T’s owner Gerard Vroomen. But, it was delayed due to the demand for the original Strada Team frameset.

“We believe so strongly in the Strada that we always wanted to offer it as a complete bike at a more affordable price. We realize we’re not Giant, Trek or Specialized, we don’t churn out frames by the millions, but within our capabilities and without watering down the performance of our bikes at all, we do want to make them available to as many people as possible,” he says.

Additionally, while the Strada Pro is designed for 28mm tires, 3T is sure to point out that actual tires widths vary.

For instance, a mounted 25mm tire will actually expand to be closer to 28mm, and for those wanting a plusher ride, a 28mm tire will increase in width to around 31mm.

To wit, “one spec probably requires some explanation: the tire. As you may know, the Strada is designed for a 28mm tire. Those wanting the plushest ride may opt for 30mm, those wanting more clearance (if you ride on muddy roads a lot) for 25mm. But 28mm is the sweet spot. Yet our spec shows a 25mm tire. BUT: that is the number on the label, which as we have explained before has little to do with the actual width. These tires fit very wide on this rim, so the 25mm tire actually fits much closer to a 28mm tire than the “28mm” tire would (which fits more like a 31mm tire).”

You can learn more about the Strada Pro by visiting 3T’s website here.


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