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9point8 TorqueKey

Lots of cyclists complain about having to carry too much "stuff" with them on a ride. 

With that in mind, can you image carrying a torque wrench with you ? Not that having a torque wrench handy on a ride is all that critical. But, instead of having just a regular assortment of "allens", which most cyclists view as being essential for roadside repairs, there’s a company that has expanded upon the simple design of the allen key, and turned into a viable torque wrench.  

9point8 has devised a simple little device that turns a 4mm allen key into a mini torque wrench, which can easily be stowed away in any saddle bag.  

To see how their new "TouqueKey" gadget works, check out their latest video. 


The 9point8™ TorqueKey™ is an innovative, inexpensive alternative to costly torque wrenches.  Currently available in 4mm Allen hex, one of the most common sizes on bicycles.

The TorqueKey operates by correlating the deflection of the key to a known torque scale.  The more the key defects, the more torque is being applied to the fastener.



  • Hex Size
  • 4mm
  • Torque Range
  • 0-12Nm
  • Weight
  • 26g
  • Hex Size
  • 3mm
  • Torque Range
  • 0-4Nm
  • Weight
  • 18g
  • 4mm TorqueKey™ (SKU 0000-0463)
  • 3mm (SKU 0000-0478) COMING SOON

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