- - BPeople 109 Carbon Fiber Saddle

BPeople 109 Carbon Fiber Saddle

While a full carbon fiber saddle may not be the first choice (or the 10th or 20th for that matter) for most riders, it is for an immortal cyclist like me who posses nothing short of "prostate pulchritude" !  

Believe it or not, I’ve been riding a full carbon saddle for nigh on to fifteen years now. And, despite being the brunt of ongoing criticisms and disbelief by all those who have witnessed me riding it, it’s  remained my saddle of choice based on it’s accommodating shape and contour, and perhaps most importantly, it’s ability to greatly reduce chaffing. 

However, prior to, and random periods in between my carbon perch, I experienced horrific bouts of chaffing, wherein no amount of chamois cream, or even "carnival grease", could abate the level of discomfort I’d suffer during an extended ride. For me, it was always a case of "material fighting against material"- namely my bibshorts and the cover of the saddle itself. And, it wasn’t until that divining moment  when I rode a friend’s carbon saddle, who, incidentally, picked it up purely for it’s novelty, that my "undercarriage" experienced it’s first reprieve from the dreaded chafe. And, from there, it’s been carbon saddler time for me ever since. 

In any case, it’s nice to see a manufacturer who shares my perspective on carbon saddles, and continue to offer high quality options for a cycling immortal such as myself. And they’re Italian. Dig !    


Made of carbon, dedicated to performance.

It is the way to do things that makes it possible to achieve your goals and ambition:excel with style



Weight: 102 gr.

Rail*: carbon fiber 4K aeronautical technology

* in order not to loose the structural strenght of the rail’s carbon fiber it is receommended to check the saddle support for any possible imperfections and bulges (suggestion: polish the seat post before to assemble the saddle)

Frame: carbon fiber 4K aeronautical technology

Technology: Italian Carbon 4K Aeronautical

Dimensions: 262×140 mm

Colors: carbon


Italian Carbon 4K Aeronautical

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