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CHECK Training Aid

The CHECK training aid is a revolutionary new device that’s design to prevent cyclists from over training. 

The CHECK system synchronises with a user’s smartphone, and after a 30-second reading, displays a Training Readiness score. According to the  developers, this indicates to the cyclist what his or her body’s state of "recover" is, and whether it’s  advisable to carry on training or rest.   

In addition, it will also give a recommendation as to the level of intensity an upcoming training session should have, based on the rate of recovery. The device will also bank data to create a long-term training profile, which according to CHECK, will help users avoid overtraining and it’s associated pitfalls such as injury and excessive fatigue.

The CHECK smartphone app is compatible with Android 4.0-4.2 and iPhone 4s, 5, 5c/s along with iPad3 and Mini.


What is CHECK™?

CHECK™ is a revolutionary way to assess and monitor Training Readiness and recovery aimed especially for athletes engaged in sports requiring strength, explosive power, skill and coordination. Let´s face it, HRV does not cut it! These sports include most of the team sports (e.g. football, basketball, hockey and rugby), individual sports requiring skill and coordination (e.g. tennis, golf, athletics and badminton), fight sports (e.g. boxing, wrestling, MMA) and sports requiring explosive power (e.g. fitness, gym, crossfit and bodybuilding). Our solution also works in endurance sports providing more reliable and up-to-date information compared to heart-rate based assessments. 

1CHECK™ assess the fatigue in the nervous system. It is based on the physiological phenomena of muscle reflex generated by specific low-voltage current.The delay and intensity of the muscle reflex provides the total load on the nervous system of an athlete.

2CHECK™ is designed to be a training aid for athletes, coaches and medical professionals. It helps to optimize training, to avoid over-training and to reduce injuries. No more complex tests (e.g. vertical jumping, lactate analysis) needed. The value of CHECK™:

Provides real-time information on the comprehensive load and recovery of an individual athlete. This response is a combination of training, rest, nutrition, stress and few minor factors.

Visualizes over-compensation and thereby helps to avoid the over-training syndrome.

Reduces muscle-based injuries when used regularly.

3CHECK™ can also be used to monitor and speed up recovery from injuries. 

4The CHECK™ Assessment is quick and easy to do – on average it takes about 15 seconds. Just attach the electrode in your wrist, place the thumb sensor and power up. It is recommended that the assessment is carried out every day – preferably after you wake up. Always assess before the 1st training session of the day. The assessment results are stored in the

CHECK™ cloud and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. The data can also be integrated with selected online services such as training diaries. The real benefits of the CHECK™system are realized when the information on training executed, recovery and nutrition are combined.

5CHECK™ is a TOTAL solution including an assessment device, assessment electrodes, smartphone application and a cloud service.

The Assessment Device Package includes: 

CHECK™ Device
CHECK™ Assessment Device uses low-voltage current (TENS) to stimulate the peripheral nervous system. Disposable or multi-use electrodes are used to feed current. The device is powered by a regular AAA battery.

CHECK™ Smartphone App provides a simple and fast overview on the assessment results. The CHECK™ App provides you with the instant CHECK™ Training Readiness Index and CHECK™ Recommendation for today´s exercise visualizing the Fatigue Zone. You can also access previous assessment data and recommendations.
We currently support Android 4.0-4.2 and iOS 7.0.X. 

CHECK™ Cloud

CHECK™ Smartphone App provides a simple and CHECK™ Cloud Service provides tools for coaches and trainers to analyze athlete and team performance. You can compare athletes based on your preferences and access the assessment parameters such as intensity and delay for more in-depth analysis. In the future, we will provide more value-added services on fatigue analysis. 

What is CHECK™ Method?

CHECK™ assesses fatigue in the nervous system. The fatigue in the nervous system (collaboration between the brains and muscles) is the key performance driver in any sports. The performance of the nervous system defines the ability for body to produce high performance, especially in sports requiring speed, skill, strength and coordination. The research shows that cardio-vascular assessments (such as HRV) cannot define the training readiness reliably in strength-, skill- and coordination intensive sports.  CHECK™ -method uses a well-known phenomena where low-voltage current is used to stimulate the peripheral nervous system. The intensity and delay of the neural reaction can be measured. Based on the results, the training readiness of the athletes can be assessed real-time.  

Training Readiness Solution
CHECK™ is a full concept consisting of assessment device, smartphone application and a cloud service. CHECK™ –method has been developed with athletes and leading sports scientists from Finland. CHECK™ –method is protected with international patents and the method has been validated in several independent research studies.  
Example on the Research  
Hautala, AJ.1, Roivainen, E.1, Kiviniemi, AM.1, Tulppo, MP.1)  

Department of Exercise and Medical Physiology, Verve Research (Oulu, Finland): 

“Bio-electrical current response measured at home is associated with psychomotor speed, particularly motor time to visual warning signal. If the response to electrical stimulus is delayed, motor time is slower. It appears that bio-electrical current response method is a promising tool to evaluate neuro-muscular status of soccer players at home conditions during training and recovery.´


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