- - CKT: Carbon Knowledge Team Launches New Frameset

CKT: Carbon Knowledge Team Launches New Frameset

After months of development, we are proud to present to you the flagship of the new range CKT: CKT 799, the result of 12 years of expertise in the design of carbon monocoque frames.

With only 790 g, this is one of the frames the lightest in the world.

Starting from a blank page, the goal of CKT 799 was to combine rigidity, the competitive behavior of CKT 398 SL, and climbing qualities and comfort of a CKT 368 SLR.

To do so, the use of high modulus fiber Toho Torayca 46 and 60 Tons is optimized by design technology developed by EPS2 CKT engineers: the braided carbon monolayer and unidirectional, which provides the framework flexibility and compromise stiffness / comfort very high level. This framework is suitable for Men and Women.

CKT 799 is light, his hits from the cord slightly sloping geometry and make it a very reactive and magical mountain. The rear triangle sharpened and sized with the largest requirement provides it an impressive performance when it is necessary to keep the gear ratio and a steady pace.

This monocoque rear triangle and oversized boom have been patented by the R & D department CKT.

Very nervous and incredibly comfortable, the 799 CKT excel in your most demanding use, without abandon in the most difficult portions.

Right fork with tapered pivot, integrated seatpost and stem standard seat (SSP version) compatible with Di2 full integration of cable head tube to the rear derailleur, the CKT 799 combines all the benefits of the brand CKT.

Male and Female

52 N / mm

Carbon monohulls

Technology EPS2 Top Module patented by CKT R & D department, the manufacturing molds are the exclusive property of CKT

790 g without fork (in size M)

High Modulus Toho Torayca 46 and 60 Tons

370 g uncut pivot


Frame with duct Teflon facilitating internal cable. Ferrules are provided specific protection for electrical transmissions.

Sloping 8 cm


BSC / BSA standard English thread

– 1 slot for attaching a battery Di2/EPS

– 1 opening for the cable outlet front derailleur

Right Rear aluminum (replaceable)

S, M, L, XL


Bottom bracket to top of seat tube

seatpost center sleeve

Bottom bracket to the bottom of the fork

Height of the sleeve

Bottom bracket to derailleur hanger


Angle of the fork

vertical angle tube and a rear base

PATRIR to 1.60 m

1.76 m to PATRIR

PATRIR to 1.70 m

PATRIR to 1.83 m

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