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Double O Bicycle Lights


A simple, safe and secure solution for everyday biking. 

Bike lights come in all shapes and sizes but none as practical and as stylish as Double O’s. They are as much a part of your bike as you are.

SIMPLE – an easy way to use your lights

Double O bike lights have magnets inside so putting them on and taking them off is hassle free.

Fix the polycarbonate mounts onto the bike frame with the nut and bolt provided. Push on the back Double O and snap on the front Double O and the magnets inside will securely hold them in place.


Double O’s are extremely robust and hard wearing. Along with a polycarbonate shell and silicone backing, they also have neodymium-grade magnets inside to make them really strong. We have done extensive tests to ensure that the magnets are robust enough and the lights stay on.
SAFE – bright illuminating lights that do not dazzle others

Other bike lights use fewer ultra bright LEDs packed too closely together, which can be blinding for other cyclists and road users.

We use less bright LEDs but more of them so the light emitted is as bright but not as harsh, enabling you to see and be seen.

It’s not all about brightness. It is about how to deliver that brightness.


We’ve got a quick USB charge time of 1.5 hours.

SECURE – lights you can lock with your bike

Double O’s snap together magnetically to protect the LED face. Then you can thread them on to your lock and leave them secured with your bike. 

When not in use your lights can get lost or stolen. The picture below is from a London market showing all the bike lights that have lost their way… Double O’s are extremely hard to lose.



1 Double O light

2 Mounts

3 Micro USB charge cable

4 M5 hex head screw and nut

5 Self adhesive rubber strip


We have opted for Kickstarter funding for the Double O’s because the alternative would be to launch it through an existing brand manufacturer. That would have meant losing control over the design, marketing and price. We want to keep ownership of all aspects in order to have a direct relationship with our users – the backers! And Kickstarter has been a great experience for us once before: see our previous award winning project The Vamp – Bring Back the Sound.


We have taken a lot on board from our first Kickstarter project. We learnt a lot and we are more experienced now with the processes involved in taking a product to market at this level.

We are in the final stages of pre-production and as with The Vamp, any risks and challenges are entirely logistical. There might be unforeseeable problems with tooling or the manufacturing process, as well as the post-production marketing and dispatch of the Double O’s, but we have factored any potential obstacles into our planning.

We hope that you are inspired and excited by the idea and choose to support the project. Please spread the word and share with your friends. With your support we aim to have the product in your hands by September.

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