- - EH Works: "Mopha Tool Roll"

EH Works: "Mopha Tool Roll"

Cycling habadashery at it’s best …  

THE MOPHA TOOL ROLL™ was born out of a desire by a few members of a group of cyclists, known as Mopha, who wanted a simple and highly functional way to carry their cycling tools. Working from their inspiration, and harkening back to the simplicity and quality of days gone by, we delivered a straightforward form comprised of oiled canvas, leather trim and vintage toe strap to reveal maximum function. No more chaffing velcro, synthetic zippers and fabric, or black-hole searches through something manufactured far from home.

About EH Works: Beginning in her early twenties, Erica Hanson has worked in product and apparel design and manufacturing for large and small companies, as well as for herself. Her success with all endeavors has come from her ability to approach each design challenge with a sensible and effective solution that is well tailored to the desired audience.

Drawing inspiration from her parents timeless style, Erica established the cornerstones of EH Works — simplicity, functionality, quality and exquisite detail. The products are designed to reference the best of the past and tell a story as their use is passed on to future generations.

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