- - Easton's Handmade Dream Bike Charity Raffle

Easton's Handmade Dream Bike Charity Raffle

One bike will be given away per month, with full proceeds going to the charity of the builder’s choice. This month’s dream bike is a custom made Rock Lobster aluminum road bike. Rock Lobster has chosen to donate all of the funds to the Project Bike Trip. You have until the end of October to enter to win the bike, at which point it will be given away and the next dream bike will be announced.



About Project Bike Trip

Project Bike Trip programs offer hands-on technical training in bicycle mechanics, preparing youth for job opportunities within the bicycle industry. Additionally, youth are introduced to the bicycle as an alternative source of mainstream transportation, a road to healthy living, and a means for connecting with the outdoors. From bicycle safety and basic roadside repair to bicycle cultures and career opportunities, Project Bike Trip encourages communities to explore the benefits of adopting a bicycling lifestyle.

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