- - Flying Machine 3D Printed Custom Bicycle

Flying Machine 3D Printed Custom Bicycle

Here’s a little exposé on a lesser known brand to us "yanks", that hails from all places – "The Land Down Under".

What makes Flying Machine custom bicycles so interesting, is the use of 3D printing when it comes to creating their lugs. Check ’em out !


The FM Studio is a creative hub. New technologies are being talked about, emailed about, blogged about. There are always new frames hanging up like works of art in the painting area, where the far superior waterborne system of painting is in use. Models of parts and tubes of steel with different colours and painting techniques on them rest in lines on large white tables; while passers by pop in off the busy street outside to take a look at the brightly coloured Flying Machines that illumine the white walls of the spacious studio.

While all this is going on there is still the sense of seriousness and pride that each and every bicycle is important and is treated with respect and care. The FM Studio approach inspires from Science and Art and they fit together seamlessly.

Flying Machine is proud to boast that all bicycles are now completely assembled and painted in the FM studio in Perth.

3D printed titanium lugs join seamless titanium tubing to create our top of the line machines. These bikes feature all ‘made to measure’ geometry for every customer and exclusively high end components.

All 3DP machines are fully customisable in configuration and finish.



As the name suggests, our custom range of bicycles are true one offs. Materials used to build our Flying Machines are of the highest quality and are sourced from manufacturers in which we uphold a relationship with. These personal and welcomed relationships carry on through tailoring our service to clients.

We don’t get down with ‘paint by numbers’ or ‘pick and mix’ its important to know that our clients are getting exactly what they want from their noble steed of a bike. So, we prefer to work closely with you to refine your vision.

Our frames are now exclusively made from high-end Italian Columbus chromoly or American KVAstainless steel tubing that ensures comfort, strength, compliance and

longevity. While we do source components from around the globe, all of our made to order bikes are tenderly painted, finished then hand assembled in our Perth studio.

Special Projects 

Bicycles are fast becoming recognised as a constructive and practical enforcement to a range of organizations and industries. Our ‘Special Projects’ unit designs and produces custom bicycles tailored to any company. They are conceptualized with the same creative collaboration as the custom bicycles and made with the same care and respect.

This addition to a company would be perfect for those that are based in a certain area while having commitments and obligations in another. A readily available bike force allows employees to; Move between buildings on large corporate campuses or between different offices; Ride to nearby client and/or partner meetings; and Encourage employees to commute by bike, reducing parking hassles.

A Flying Machine bike force benefits your company by promoting sustainability and health and wellness while enforcing brand recognition. This service suits a multitude of industries from tour operations to hotels and accommodations or campus based education, corporate, large-scale industrial and everything in-between.

Custom designs can be based on an existing model or can be completely dreamt and built from the ground up. Quantities can be as few as ten, as many as ten thousand; we provide your perfect ride.

An incentive for referral

By being part of the Special Projects bike force and successfully recommending Flying Machine to others, your company will receive one free Flying Machine to extend your fleet.

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