- - GURU Fit System Updated

GURU Fit System Updated

While the producers of South Park are busy poking fun at the Canadians, some of us bike enthusiasts recognize them for the great bike technology they produce. Such is the case with GURU Cycling; especially their "fit system". 

GURU has been providing state-of-the-art automated fit systems for years. However, in addition to a revamped "fit bike", the company has created an all new, all inclusion "fit system" that involves  everything from highbrow peripherals, to a vast data base of bikes and related components, all the way down to the final details of custom footbeds. Take a look !

HOW THE GURU FIT SYSTEM™ WORKSDiscover Your Perfect Ride

SET UP YOUR PERFECT RIDE WITH GURUAny Riding Style, Any Bike, Any Brand

The first step involves selecting a bike from the "Bike Finder" option on the screen (i.e. Road, CX, Tri, and MTB bike), or via a "ground up fitting".


The next step collects physical data from the cyclist in terms of body measurements. This is done via Microsoft Kinect, which digitally scans the person. According to GURU, their system is so accurate, it takes measurements that are within +/- 1 mm.  


The centerpiece of the Guru Fit System is the bike. The bikes has a series of motors that react to adjustments managed by the fitter.

What’s different from other fit systems, is the front end of the GURU fit bike is positioned at an angle, so it can better expand to accommodate people of different sizes. In addition, it uses elevation simulation; wherein the bike can simulate an incline or decline of 18%. Through this, different riding positions can be analyzed. Not surprisingly, the system also allows a person to simulate his or her Strava segments using the smart trainer – to dial in the best fit for a particular riding situation. 


The cost of the GURU Fit System to retailers is $17,999. This includes all aspects of the system, to include a computer, television, Microsoft Kinect, display racks, and an array of components from partners Fizik and Truvativ.

In addition, GURU provides a two day accreditation and training program. There’s also a $500 a month fee that covers any service or maintenance, along access to online support and updates. Furthermore, the system allows retailers to keep a database of it’s client’s information, as well as a list of available bikes geometries.

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