- - Garmin Launches Vector Power Meter Pedals

Garmin Launches Vector Power Meter Pedals

Total power (watts)

Normalised power

Intensity factor

Training stress score

Left/right balance (%)

Cadence (rpm)

+/-2% accuracy

Transmits via ANT+ protocol

Pedals: 305g (pair)

Pedal pods: 46g (pair)

Cleats and hardware: 77g (pair)

Total: 428g

Lightweight injected carbon fiber body

CNC machined, hardened stainless steel spindle

LSL bushing and sealed cartridge bearings

Adjustable tension binding

Look Keo compatible

ANT+ transmitters and cadence measurement via accelerometers

User replaceable battery (CR2032 coin cell)

175 hours cycling

High durability thermoplastic with anti-slip surface pads

Rubber button to reduce free float action between shoe and cleat

6 degrees float (0 degrees available as accessory)

Look Keo compatible

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