- - LECOMOTION Nested Urban E-Bike by Natacha Lesty

LECOMOTION Nested Urban E-Bike by Natacha Lesty

I was contacted a few weeks back by Natacha Lesty – who introduced her new LECOMOTION urban e-bike to me. At first glance, it was obvious, that I was looking at perhaps one of the most utilitarian electric bike designs to date.
While most e-bike concepts merit the virtues of alternative energy use and sustainability, and there are a good many out there, few appear to be as purpose built and accommodating across the social strata as the LECOMOTION. Natacha writes a concise ditty about her concept, along with a video presentation, worth checking out.  

Nested electric-assist urban tricycle

New sustainable urban bike sharing system

Sharing bikes are becoming increasingly popular. The LECOMOTION is intended to be “a replacement for the car. Both environmentally friendly and innovative, the locomotion will surprise! Nested tricycle! Inspired from nested shopping carts, the LECOMOTION concept is a nested electric-assist tricycle. It is a new urban sharing system! It is designed to nest within each other in a line for compact storage and to facilitate collecting and moving many at one time via a swinging rear door and a removable crankset. Pedalling assistance is provided to help to carry weight of the cargo. You can use it as a normal bike, without the battery, or with the supportive battery. The LECOMOTION has been designed with in-wheel motor and in-crank generator, this is why there’s no need for bike’s chain. The cargo also allowed transporting 2 kids or one adult.

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