- - Man Rides Penny Farthing Around the World

Man Rides Penny Farthing Around the World

We’ve seen cyclists of every domination, riding bikes and contraptions of every sort, tackle some of the most demanding routes and passages the world over. There was even the story about a young man who rode his vintage Raleigh "chopper" up the venerable Mount Ventoux – to the amazement of others. 

However, this is the first time that we’ve heard about someone riding a "penny farthing" long distance (or any significant distance for that matter). 

Indeed, between 2006 and 2008, Joff Summerfield, has cycled around the world on a penny farthing, visiting 23 countries, and riding 23,000 miles/ 35,405 kilometers.

He’s now starting a new adventure, by heading off around the world again, but this time heading westward.


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