- - Matteo Rabottini Confirmed Positive for EPO

Matteo Rabottini Confirmed Positive for EPO

According to an article published by the Italian newspaper, Gazzetta dello Sport, over the weekend, a subsequent test by a Cologne-based anti-doping laboratory has confirmed that Matteo Rabottini has tested positive for the banned substance EPO.

Rabottini was caught in an out of competition control carried out on August 8, with the UCI confirming his A sample as being positive for EPO on September 12. 

As a result, Rabottini was suspended from racing by his Neri Sottoli team, but has since denied using the performance enhancing drug. 

Although Neri Sottoli has yet to receive official confirmation of the test results, the Italian team is prepared to terminate Rabottini’s contract, and initiate legal action to recoup its damages.

Rabottini’s positive has lead to Neri Sottoli’s suspension by the MPCC, as well as  put their wild card invitation for the 2015 Giro d’Italia at risk.

The Italian rider is expected to face a disciplinary hearing in Italy, and faces a two-year ban from competition.

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