- - Mike Prendergast: A Winter of Cyclists Film Project

Mike Prendergast: A Winter of Cyclists Film Project


Checkout Michael Prendergast’s new film project called – A Winter of Cyclists.  

A Winter of Cyclists 

Mike Prendergast is in to tell you about a cool cycling project/challenge he put together that helped create more bicycle  commuters…even under chilly and icy riding conditions.

You can view the trailer below, and by leaving your comments on winter bicycle commuting you’re in to win a full version of this film (your choice of rental or purchase).  Winner will be selected on Thursday morning…enter now.


Last year, Scot Stucky vowed to not squander his fitness gains from the summer. He would not spend another winter on the couch, and then have to work long and hard in the spring to get back fitness that had slipped away.

Scot, who resides in Colorado, decided to ride his bike through the fall and winter so he could carry a solid base of fitness into spring. His plan was simple: commute to work a total of 52 days between October 1st to March 31st. To ensure accountability, he invited friends to join him in the challenge and received an enthusiastic response. And so the Icy Bike Winter Commuting Challenge was born.

As more and more friends joined him, the growing group decided to create a Facebook page so participants could motivate each other, ask questions, share photos and, of course, brag about riding in challenging weather.

As a bicycle commuter myself, I have often wondered about ways to express the joys and rewards of commuting to others.  If people could see and understand how fun and gratifying commuting is, they just might try it.

Scot’s cycling challenge presented the perfect opportunity to capture the trials and wonders of bicyclecommuting with an added winter twist. Having tinkered with filming other cycling endeavors, I decided to ride and film a dozen-plus riders in Colorado who had accepted Scot’s challenge. During the winter of filming, I witnessed what it took for these riders to meet their challenge goals. I hope this film will help you continue to ride all winter long, too.

Adventure and Camaraderie

The 12 cyclists filmed during the inaugural Icy Bike Winter Commuting Challenge faced a variety of obstacles, including sometimes snowy weather, riding in the dark, and personal doubt. However, as the season progressed, most of them experienced a new level of fitness, had exciting encounters with wildlife, and found a renewed enthusiasm for their daily work commute.

And through the Facebook page, many also found an unexpected kinship with nearly 200 like-minded riders from across the U.S., Canada, and other countries who joined in the Challenge.

The film, “A Winter of Cyclists” (64 minutes), is their story and captures their winter commuting journey.

View the Movie Trailer:

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