- - Panache Cycle Wear Launches Casual Bike Apparel

Panache Cycle Wear Launches Casual Bike Apparel

The genesis of the Move Collection comes from our own off-the-bike challenges here in Boulder, CO at Panache HQ. We have a lot of clothing options for riding, training, and racing, but when it came time for our off-the-bike clothing, we found ourselves wearing shirts and shorts that didn’t quite work for our busy, active lives outside of cycling. The fit was off, or the fabrics sweat-out while running to a late appointment, or the pockets didn’t hold our phones and/or wallets while riding a cruiser bike to the cafe next door.

Engineering off-the-bike, lifestyle clothing for cyclists is not easy. We cyclists are a peculiar bunch. What other group of athletes bumps and positions while walking down the street? It’s in our nature, we are comfortable in a peloton and on a crowded street.

In addition, we cyclists tend to be quite active and as a result we tend to sweat on a our way to what otherwise should be a simple trip. We ride to town on our “5th Bike”. And, if we’re with friends while on said trip to town, well, there’s inevitably some kind of throw down. A traffic light, a hill, a decent followed by a three-turn chicane, something challenge that inevitably leaves us sweaty at the bar stool.

Taking all these unique needs into consideration, we set out to engineer and design a shirt and short that fit our athletic bodies well, kept us dry and comfortable on a warm day after an unexpected “effort”, and that had pockets and pocket pouches in the right spot and the right size.

The answer: Move, advanced casual wear. A sweet, stylish button-up shirt and button-fly short that fits cyclists well and uses cutting edge SmartFIT fabrics that wick on the inside AND shield on the outside. Sweat a little. No problem, the inside of the fabric has micro, denier-gradient filaments that push perspiration to the outside of the fabric where it evaporates quickly. The outside of the fabrics are engineered to deflect water, road spray, and the elements (if you’re riding a cruiser bike or running on a wet day to a late appointment).

The Move Button-Up shirt and Move Button-Fly Short with SmartFIT fabrics can even handle shoulder bumping while walking down a crowded street; they can even handle the occasional spill should you get hooked by someone while briskly walking a busy street. We even engineered the two back pockets of the Move Short to handle two water bottles should your “town” be a city, and getting across “town” be an undertaking in and of itself. Also, works well if you’re the guy on Feed Zone duty.

We are excited and hope you are too. Enjoy the Ride called life… Move through it.

– The Panache Team

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