- - Redshift Sports Switch Aero System

Redshift Sports Switch Aero System

– get the speed and efficiency of a tri bike without giving up the climbing, maneuverability, and comfort of a road bike. Choose the best position for every part of every ride.

– hammer the flats in the aero position and spin up the climbs in the road position. Ride faster on every part of the course.

– switch between the road and aero positions without even slowing down. Attach or remove the aerobars in seconds – no tools are required, and they’ll be in the exact same position every time you attach them.

– relieve pressure on your hands and wrists by switching to an alternate position. Stay fresher longer.

– dial in a perfect fit in both the road and aero positions. The aerobars and seatpost offer incredible adjustability to fit any rider.

– carve down a winding descent or weave through traffic. The road position gives you the maneuverability and visibility you need in demanding situations. The aerobars also have a built-in safety latch that prevents accidental release.

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