- - SRAM Red Wireless Spotted at USA Pro Challenge

SRAM Red Wireless Spotted at USA Pro Challenge

Concealed by little more than black tape, SRAM’s wireless Red groupset was spotted all around this year’s USA Pro Challenge. 

As the first-ever wireless groupset continues to prove itself during the pre-production phase onboard Bissell Pro Cycling’s team bikes, so far the feedback from the riders is said to be all positive.

It’s nice to see that SRAM still isn’t trying to hide the fact that the groupset is fully wireless, by adding some faux wires to the derailleur. 

And, there’s every indication that the black, embossed cap on the back of the derailleur contains the battery. 

Still no word on exactly when the groupset will be introduced to market. But, certain that it is, knowing SRAM, it won’t be until it passes every rigorous test possible.  

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