- - Shimano Expands It's Range of Wheels For 2014

Shimano Expands It's Range of Wheels For 2014

Shimano has expanded it’s range of wheelsets for 2014, to include four new models.  

The WH-RS81-C35-TL represents Shimano’s upper end alloy wheelset, that features an updated carbon laminate and aluminum construction, along with the brand’s latest tubeless tire technology. Thus, the distinction "TL". ($1299.99)

Similar to the "35", Shimano’s new C24 wheeset is comprised of the same carbon laminate construction mated to the aluminum rim with tubeless technology as well. However, given it’s lower rim profile, the "24" translates into a lighter wheelset that’s ideally aimed toward  "climbers" and riders who want a good all around set of hoops that won’t "break the bank".  ($899.99)

In addition, Shimano will offer the WH-RS010 wheelset for the budget conscience rider who’s looking for a set of durable 11 speed compatible – aluminum clinchers at a very reasonable price.  ($229.99)

Lastly, Shimano will introduce it’s new WH-RS610-TL wheelset, that offers tubeless technology at a very competitive price amidst today’s ever-growing tubeless road market. ($499.99) 

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