- - Stava Releases Real-time Segments

Stava Releases Real-time Segments

Real-time Segments gives Premium members their segment times instantly and removes the wait — see the day’s leaderboard and where you stand immediately after completing the segment. Settle any debates with friends about your times while you catch your breath at the end of a big push.

Now available on Android and coming soon to iPhone, see which of your followers on Strava are currently out riding or running. Go join them, or get that extra motivation to post a time next to theirs on that day’s segment leaderboard. Premium members can opt-in to this feature (note that it is “off” by default) and choose to share their Active status as well as real-time segment stats with followers.

Enable Real-time Segments by swiping left to the Segments screen and tapping Real-time Segments and Active Friends, or by tapping on the gps location icon on the Record screen. iPhone users can tap the segment location icon on the Record screen to turn the feature on or off. Please note, Real-time Segments will use more battery and data in order to update your results immediately.

As a refresher, a segment is our term for a specific section of road or trail . Almost every segment on Strava has a leaderboard so you can track your progress on a given segment, and see where you stack up against friends and locals who have ridden or run the same segment.

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