- - Strava App Will Be Available on Google Glass

Strava App Will Be Available on Google Glass

Strava has been taking the cycling segment (did I say segment ? 😉 ) by storm for many months now. That being said, it would only make sense that the ever popular "app-maker" would choose to take it’s product to virtual new heights (did I say virtual ? 😉 ) – by getting onboard with Google’s new Glass technology. 

Once Google releases it’s new "wearable computing" glasses, Strava aims to interface it’s app accordingly. Similarly, cyclists will be able to track their rides, visualize their progress, and challenge their friends. However, with the addition of Glass, the rider will now be able to accomplish this while keeping his or her hands on the "bars". Indeed, cyclists will be able to ride along and access information like ride time, distance and location, and have it displayed before their very eyes. This means no more taking one’s eyes off the road to check data. Plus, riders can utilize all the many functions that Glass offers, such as taking photos, recording videos and checking the weather, all without stopping or needing to check one’s  phone. 

Here’s a glimpse of what awaits.

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