- - Team Sky’s Approach to Nutrition

Team Sky’s Approach to Nutrition

Team Sky has collaborated with it’s nutrition partner, CNP, to explain the importance of nutrition as part of their strict regiment of training.

“When you consider the challenge of trying to win the Tour de France… you need a talented athlete, for sure, but nutrition is absolutely paramount,” says team director Dave Brailsford.

“Managing the energy levels of the riders during a three week stage race is a challenge in itself, but then you have the recovery aspect so it’s not just nutrition as fuel, it’s nutrition to recover, it’s hydration… Nutrition for us is a greater percentage of our performance than in any other sport.”

“A lot of the things that we have now available to us have come from the riders – the riders tastes, the riders likes,” says Bradley Wiggins. “That’s really good as an athlete because we’re out there for seven or eight hours some days. It’s very important that what you are consuming on the bike you like.”

In addition, Geraint Thomas also weighs in on the importance of knowing that the products being used by the riders, contain ingredients of the highest quality.

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