- - Trek Factory Racing Team Partners with PeopleForBikes

Trek Factory Racing Team Partners with PeopleForBikes

PeopleForBikes is teaming up with pro road cycling team Trek Factory Racing for the remainder of the 2014 international race season, with a special emphasis on the Tour de France, in an effort to make riding better for everyone, everywhere. Trek Factory Racing’s owner, Trek Bicycle, is a longtime partner and founding member of PeopleForBikes.

Trek Factory Racing will officially debut this ambitious partnership, and share our goals and vision at a press conference in Leeds, England on July 3. The Tour de France—the world’s biggest bike race—provides an unmatched worldwide platform for brands and athletes (and important efforts such as our campaign) to deliver key messages to a global audience.

Since 2011, PeopleForBikes has united riders behind the goal of improving bicycling conditions throughout the U.S. This effort has already engaged 810,000 individual supporters in the United States. The goal for 2014 is to grow to one million or more people who have given their name and email in support of better riding. During the Tour de France, we will welcome supporters from other nations introducing them to top bike advocacy programs in their home countries.

“While the challenges and opportunities for bicycling vary around the globe, the benefits are universal,” said President of PeopleForBikes Tim Blumenthal.

“A strong, united group of people for bikes can effectively influence government policies and spending, and help assure bike riding conditions that are safer and better for everyone. We are honored that Trek and Trek Factory Racing are supporting us big-time as we embark on this new chapter of our mission.”

PeopleForBikes and Trek believe that people—wherever they live—should be able to cycle safely and comfortably and enjoy the many benefits of bicycling—for health, recreation, the economy, the environment, community and sustainability. Together, they believe that when people ride bikes, great things happen. Bicycling is a simple solution to many complex problems that affect people all around the globe.

“Trek and Trek Factory Racing want the bike riding experience to improve for everyone, everywhere,” said Trek’s senior vice president Joe Vadeboncoeur.

“PeopleForBikes is a leading organization that inspires this change. Trek was a founding member of PeopleForBikes (then known as Bikes Belong) 15 years ago and continues to be a proud supporter. It is an honor to help propel this movement for better cycling worldwide–starting with the voices of our world-class athletes.”

Trek encourages all professional racing teams, as well as bike riders of all types and abilities to adopt and promote PeopleForBikes’ mission to make the world a better place to ride.



PeopleForBikes (a not-for-profit organization launched in the U.S. to make every bike ride better), in cooperation with Trek Factory Racing, and in partnership with people who ride bikes all over the world.

Since its inception, PeopleForBikes has:
— Secured federal funding to build more than 29,000 U.S. bike lanes,  

    paths, and trails.
— Awarded more than $10 million in grants.
— Helped increase bicycling in U.S. cities 85% since 2001.


A campaign to build a broad base of support that will help improve bike riding conditions. People who ride are asked to provide their name and email address to become part of the movement. No membership fee is charged. The goal for 2014 is to sign up 1 million+ members.


For the remainder of the 2014 race season, with a special emphasis on the Tour de France, which provides an exceptional worldwide media platform to introduce the campaign to cyclists, building on the endorsement of world-class professional athletes.


After three years of focusing on the United States, the campaign goes global this July. PeopleForBikes will introduce new supporters to excellent local organizations that make bike riding better in their home countries.


By uniting 1 million cyclists, PeopleForBikes will have the clout to work for safer cycling conditions. People—wherever they live—should be able to ride safely and comfortably and enjoy cycling’s many benefits—for health, recreation, the economy, the environment, community and sustainability. While the challenges and opportunities for cycling vary around the globe, the benefits are universal.


Pro racing teams have often partnered with charities, but this is the first time a WorldTour team is giving prime sponsorship support to a non-profit that focuses on making bicycling safer for all types of riders. World-class racers are advocating for better worldwide riding experiences for everyone—no matter where and how they ride.

Currently, more than 800,000 people have given us their name in support of better and safer riding conditions. By uniting everyone who cares about bicycling—whether they ride a bike or not—we can send a clear message to our global leaders that bicycling is important.

Anyone who rides a bike wants to feel safe. It doesn’t matter if they are a racer rocketing down a twisty descent in the middle of a big race, a commuter trying to get to work, or a child pedaling around the neighborhood. Everyone wants a safer bicycling experience. PeopleForBikes, with the help of Trek Factory Racing, is working to make it happen.

What does safe riding mean? Striped bike lanes on roads where traffic is slow; protected bike lanes in the busy sections of cities; multi-use paths and trail networks everywhere. Respect and courtesy are shared by motorists and riders everywhere. Bike riding is an appealing choice for 8-year-olds and 80-year-olds and everyone in between.

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