- - Vintage Bicycle Shops Photography

Vintage Bicycle Shops Photography

Bicycle shops in the United States and New Zealand dating back to the early 1900’s, are immortalized in these beautiful, vintage photographs.  

The photographs were taken from the website, Shorpy, where they can be viewed, or purchased in large format prints. Dig !

Metzger bicycle shop. Detroit City Gas Co., USA 1912 – Detroit Publishing Company

Dexter & Crozier, Victoria Street East – Auckland, NZ, 1902 – Glass negative by James Hutchings Kinnear

Cycle shop interior. Christchurch, NZ in 1910 – Photo by Francis Webb Steffano

HA Testard Bicycles & Automobiles – New Orleans, USA 1910 – Detroit Publishing Company

Haverford Cycle, 10th Street NW – Washington, DC, USA 1919 – National Photo glass negative

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