- - Win a Signed Tinkoff-Saxo Team Kit

Win a Signed Tinkoff-Saxo Team Kit

Tinkoff-Saxo and the online cycling magazine, Cyclingnews, have teamed up together to give readers a chance to win a fully signed, limited edition training kit.

Tinkoff-Saxo released the details of their new "camo" training kit at the start of this month, when the team assembled in Gran Canaria for their pre-season training camp. 

The "training only" kit is made by the well-known Italian brand,  Sportful, and it features the team’s traditional blue and yellow alongside the blue "camo". 

The kit will be officially unveiled during the team’s presentation in Moscow on December 19. 

To be eligible to win, readers must subscribed to  Cyclingnews’ newsletter.

From Tinkoff-Saxo


The 30-strong squad of riders debuted today the brand new training kit by Sportful during the first day of the winter training camp in Gran Canaria.

Today didn’t solely mark the beginning of the team’s two-week training camp in the Spanish island of Gran Canaria. It was also the first time the riders donned the slick camo kit that will be used during the official training camps. Although a first in cycling, this is a standard practice in most major sports where teams have two or even three kits, as is the case with football (home, away and third kit).

Featuring all of the design excellence expected from Sportful and utilizing much of the same state-of-the-art technology that is incorporated into the 2015 racing kit, the camo kit will be an integral part in the team’s preparation ahead of a demanding season.

Tinkoff-Saxo’s training and racing kits stem from a very strong and close partnership between the team and Sportful and the continuous feedback provided by the riders. Whether it is suggestions for new products, adjustments to little things like zips, seam placement or seatpad preference, every small detail is taken into account for the design, not just of team clothing but the whole Sportful collection.

A limited release of the training kit will be available for sale starting December 4th, while the 2015 team kit will be officially unveiled in Moscow, during a presentation on December 19th.

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