- - Abus Introduces New Granit X-Plus U54 Mini Lock

Abus Introduces New Granit X-Plus U54 Mini Lock

Abus has introduced its latest lock called the Granit X-Plus U54 Mini, offering bike owners the same level of security as its full-size siblings, making it ideal for use in cities where a narrower shackle profile won’t fit.

The U-54 Mini is made of temper-hardened steel with a 13mm square shackle in the unique ABUS parabolic shape, while the lock is double-bolting design with ABUS’ Power Cell Technology that protect against hard striking or pulling. Moreover, the XPlus Key cylinder offers extremely high protection against lock-picking.

The Granit X-Plus U54 Mini sells for $109.99, which is available through a network of Abus dealers.


  • XPlus Key cylinder
  • Patented ABUS Power Cell Technology
  • 13mm Square Shackle
  • Price: $109.99


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