- - ABUS Introduces New uGrip Bordo Big 5700 Folding Lock

ABUS Introduces New uGrip Bordo Big 5700 Folding Lock

ABUS has expanded its line of bicycle safety locks with the launch of its new uGrip Bordo Big 5700, which features the German brand’s Convenient Transport Mode that allows the lock to be closed during transport without locking it, thus requiring cyclists use the key only half of the time. 

“Pop the lock in CTM mode as you jam from the cafe to the library and back to the office on your lunch break (imagine this in a non-social distancing time) and save time fumbling for your keys. Especially nice during cool weather when you need to glove-up!. Of course a good lock is useful anytime, and with more families riding for casual exercise it’s also nice to have a lock big enough to secure a couple of bikes,” says ABUS.

The new uGrip Bordo Big 5700 folding lock sells for $79.00, which can learn more about by visiting ABUS’ website here

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