- - Agnelli Milano Offers the Opulent Bicycle Kayak

Agnelli Milano Offers the Opulent Bicycle Kayak

We’ve seen bespoke bikes of every denomination in the past, ranging from two wheels to four wheels and everything in-between, but a combination bicycle-kayak is a first for us.

Not surprisingly, this eccentric combination of bike and boat comes from the workshop of Agnelli Milano, renown for its creative exercise in making bikes of unparalleled opulence.

In this case however, the Italian atelier seems to have out-done itself.

Drawing inspiration from the 1950’s, Agnelli Milano executes a modern-day rendition of the 1950’s Cimatti motobike, and pairs it side-car style with an exquisite wooden kayak that harks back to a time when everything was artisan made.

While the Agnelli Bici e Kayak as it’s properly called, is all about preserving the past, it nevertheless benefits from up-to-date features such as a modern Bafang 250 watt pedal-assist electric motor, along with contemporary drum-brakes and lighting system.

What does it cost, you ask?

Agnelli Milano isn’t saying, and we’re not asking.

But, suffice to say, you better have plenty of lira to plop down.



Agnelli Milano

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